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Thermally Conductive Acrylic Foam Tape

Thermally conductive acrylic foam tape has been designed to offer superior transfer of heat for LED units, heat sinks and other electrical components.

Thermally Conductive Acrylic Foam Tape for Superior Heat Transfer


Thermally Conductive Acrylic Foam Tape provides superior heat transfer for LED units and electronic components.  Our thermally conductive adhesive tape has been designed to offer superior transfer of heat for LED units, heat sinks and other electrical components. Requirements for lighter weight materials, improved heat dissipation and rapid assembly makes thermally conductive Vhpb tape the preferred choice for applications throughout the automotive, electronics and aerospace and defence industries.

Adhesive tape technology is revolutionising manufacturing and assembly techniques. Demands for reducing size, weight and costs whilst increasing functionality means joining methods such as mechanical fixers and two part adhesives are being replaced by adhesive tape based solutions. Tecman is at the forefront of developing these solutions.

Our Application Engineers have an in-depth understanding of Automotive, Electronics and Aerospace and Defence industries. They have extensive experience of working along-side Design Engineers within these fields to specify adhesive tape based solutions for bonding heat generating components to heat sinks or other cooling devises.

thermally conductive acrylic foam tape for superior transfer of heat for LED units, heat sinks and other electrical components.


Key Benefits

  • Vhpb adhesive properties provide excellent strength for components
  • Instant bond, no curing time required
  • Clean quick application
  • No mixing of formula
  • Conformable foamed acrylic carrier for improved surface contact and superior resistance to thermal expansion and contraction
  • High thermal conductivity 0.6 W/(m/K)
  • Replaces traditional thermal grease and mechanical clasps/fixings
  • Replaces thermally conductive epoxies and liquid adhesives
  • Product does not harden, dry out or melt - Does not seep eliminating risk of high contact resistance, arcing or mechanical wear
  • Available in bespoke shapes to fit component
  • Suitability for extreme circumstances - Can be used in conjunction with copper and other thermally conductive metallic substrates


Typical Applications

  • Bonding transformers, transistors to printed circuit board assemblies or heat sink
  • Bonding heat spreaders and other cooling devices to IC packages, power transistors, and other heat generating components
  • LED signage
  • LED/PDP modules
  • Backlit display screens including TV displays
  • Thermal transfer in battery cell units


Technical and Product Information

 15-Vhpb12 - Thermally Conductive Vhpb Tape


Product Name:     Thermally Conductive Acrylic Foam Tape
Product Code: 15-Vhpb12 
Short Term Temp. Resistance:     160ºC
Long Term Temp. Resistance:  100ºC
Low Temperature Resistance: -30ºC
Peel Adhesion to S/S: 8000 g/cm2
Peel Adhesion to Aluminium: 5000 g/cm2
Peel Adhesion to Copper: 5500 g/cm2
Surface Resistance (ASTM D-257): 5.0 Ω/cm (x1014)
Volume Resistivity (ASTM D-257): 2.0 Ω/cm (x1013)
Dielectric Breakdown Voltage(IEC-60243-1):     3.75 kV
Dielectric Strength (IEC-60243-1): 15 kV/mm
Thermal Conductivity (TCi): 0.6 W/(m/K)


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